Thursday, August 6, 2009

Grandma Lee {AGT}

I know that some of you might not be into reality TV and some of you might not even like these type of shows like American Idol (which I dont like either) and America's Got Talent. I recently got into the show AGT and this season has been a blast to watch. I've been going on and reading the comments of people that are just being SO hateful towards some of the contestants. It just really bugs me because everyone is just saying "well this act doesn't deserve a million dollars" or "they are a good act but doesn't deserve the money"....

Someone enlighten me... who the HELL said this competition was just about the money!?

These people put themselves out there to follow their dream and to become famous performers. I'm sure they would do it even if money wasn't involved because this is their passion and this is what they want to do with themselves. I especially noticed some very negative comments on the one contestant: Grandma Lee.

Now, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but how can you not love this old lady who put herself out there to live the dream? She is so brave for going out there and doing her thing despite her age. I know that some people may think that I'm rooting for her because of her age. Partly, yes. Some of these contestants are YOUNG and have a lot more time on their hands to deal with and to become famous and perform for people. She has a limited amount of time and she deserves to enjoy a little of the good life. Not that I'm not supporting some of the other acts but I really think Grandma Lee deserves to go as far as the finals. She is such a funny old lady and it means the world for her to do this. What is she going to do in Florida... knit?

She deserves to go to Vegas alive rather than have her ashes sprinkled over the MGM Grand.

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