Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random dream?

I'm here in North Carolina sweating bullets since our air conditioning is out and Mike's car is in the shop since it has a flat tire. Fantastic.

I'm here so that I can document a dream I had last night. I thought it was weird and so like me at the same time. If you have ever watched the Great American Road Trip reality show, then you will know what I'm talking about.

Right now there are only two families left: the Cootes (who are from my hometown of Chicago) and the DiSalvatores who are from New York. I'm TOTALLY rooting for the DiSalvatores since they are the underdog and I just like their personality. Very easy going and love to have fun. Unlike the Cootes who are super competitive that can't take a loss without going into a depression.

Anyway, last night I dreamt that I was in some airport (I dont know which one) and I was by myself flying to Madrid to visit my family. I met the DiSalvatores in the airport and for some reason they were lost and couldn't make their way around so I hung around with them the entire time I was waiting for my plane and helped them find their way around. Finally they made their way to the plane and they got on but for some reason the stewardess told them it was too late to board but when I got on the same plane as them I had barely made it when I had gotten there after them... didn't really make sense. I told the stewardess that I couldn't board without saying goodbye to my friends. She was hesitant but let me get off the plane and showed me the way to go to get to the main terminal. I thought to myself "How the hell am I going to find them when there are so many people here?" So, I decided to go into one of the smaller terminal and right as I was about to go in, I saw Silvio and I yelled his name and he turned around and said "YEH?" in his NY accent and then I saw Amy. I didn't see their kids but I only saw them. I gave Silvio and Amy a HUGE hug and told them I would miss them and to take care of themselves and that I would never forget them. Then I woke up.

It reminds me of the time I helped someone else in real life in the Madrid airport that didn't speak Spanish. They said they would contact me but they never did. I wish they had because they were really nice people. Oh well, maybe they will one day.

Sorry for such a random post. I tend to have dreams of the things I do the same day I dream about it. I'll go back to watching the boys play beer pong. =)

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