Monday, April 19, 2010

Honestly, I didn't really realize that the Marine Corps would influence every aspect of my life once I married Mike. I mean, I knew it would happen but I didn't know the extent of it. Call me naive, because I was completely oblivious to the Marine Corps effecting pretty much everything.

I don't really remember if I mentioned it or not (which means I probably did since I repeat myself all the time without realizing it) but the Marines totally messed up all my plans for after the wedding. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the fact that the wedding plans haven't been affected by the Marine Corps but at the same time, Mike and I had plans to go to California (29 Palms or Miramar) and he was going to switch jobs too since they were offering a big bonus for him to move. That wasn't the only reason for re-enlisting nor for switching jobs but the extra money would have paid off both of our credit cards bills and most if not all of my loans for college.

Now, he isn't getting any bonus money (as of right now), they will not allow him to switch jobs, and they will not let him re-locate. We are lucky they are even letting him re-enlist. He claims it's the Marine Corps down sizing and trying to save money and that's why our plans are drastically changing. It's not that I don't enjoy North Carolina or that I wouldn't want to live there, it's just that they totally screwed us over. On top of that, where on Earth would I find a job? I didn't spend four years at school to sit at home.

I want to be able to use my degree which is Spanish for the Professions. I've been "training" to be an interpreter and I've been doing volunteer work as an interpreter at a clinic here in Milwaukee and I know it's what I want to do. Unfortunately for me, there is nothing of that sort in North Carolina. I've been looking online and I haven't found anything except desk receptionists (which I did in high school) and waitressing. I've always secretly wanted to be a waitress, but it's not something I want to put on a resume once I finally do get out of North Carolina.

I apologize for spilling all my insecurities onto a blog like this, but I just don't want to sit at home and wait for my husband to get home from work everyday. I did that for a month last summer and it sucked big time. I'd rather stay busy so that time can go faster. I get to see him much sooner that way. Anyway, I must get to bed since it's 12:30am by the time I wrote all this. Hope everyone is doing alright, and much love <3

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