Thursday, April 22, 2010


I don't understand how hard it is for my biological parents to give me addresses for people to be invited to the wedding. I sent both my uncle and my dad an email with the addresses that I needed (there were only about 10-15) last Friday and they still haven't gotten them for me. I have quite a few international people coming here and I need to send their invitations out so that they have enough time to plan their trip here. It's just so frustrating. Then they want to give me an attitude when I ask them for the addresses. Oh well, I pretty much told them that the people I don't have addresses for won't get invited. Plain and simple.

This week has been hellish. I just have no motivation to do much of anything. I just want to graduate and get it over with, ha! I still have a lot to do for the next two weeks or so. Then I have SIX final exams. Man, they make sure they kill you before you get that degree, that's for sure.

Aside from that, things are good with the future hubby. Just really missing him as usual. Luckily, he'll be here next month for my graduation. They are having a senior ball here and Mike wants to go so he's getting his blues ready and I need to go get a dress. Mike wanted me to wear a red dress for the Marine Corps Ball last year but I couldn't find one so maybe I'll have better luck this time since it's prom season. We'll see, but I have to eat quick before class starts. Hope everyone has a great Thursday! <3

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