Friday, April 30, 2010


Sorry about my lack of reading/commenting. I've been MIA due to school (which is a common theme right now) and I will probably be MIA for the next two-three weeks or so. I'll be on here from time to time to comment/read/update but bear with me, I'll do my best to keep up with all of you!

Anywho, I got a call from Mr. M yesterday telling me that when he went to PT he couldn't finish it. He got injured slightly while in Iraq last year but he never went to medical (he's SO stubborn) until yesterday. They did some x-rays on his right knee and they diagnosed him with patellofemoral pain syndrome which is also known as runner's knee. The results of the x-rays won't be in until Wednesday and that will determine whether or not he will need surgery. This isn't a really serious problem but they put him on light duty and he will be starting physical therapy soon. So, hopefully the physical therapy will help him significantly like it did my mother.

Other than that, I just bought the senior ball tickets today. YAY! I was so paranoid that they would be sold out so now Mike and I can go! He was planning on coming anyway regardless of the ball but now I'm excited to spend that time with him. Well, it's REALLY nice here in Milwaukee (like 80) so I'm going to hardcore TGIF. =)

Also, my cousin passed away a year ago today (his picture is on one of my side panels *Dan*) so please say a prayer for him if possible. Thank you in advance!

Much love <3

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