Tuesday, April 27, 2010

North Carolina

I don't know if I made mention of this before or not but my momma, sister (Jen), and I were supposed to go on road trip together right after I got married as sort of our last "hoorah" together before I move down with my future husband. Well, that was the plan before they changed our PDS. Originally they were telling us that we would be moving to 29 Palms (which I've heard everyone talk badly about so far) but I was okay with it since I'd be leaving the midwest and I'd be able to find a job in Palm Springs. Plus the road trip would have been pretty sweet since I had the entire itinerary planned out. Well, now they changed our PDS to North Carolina. It's not that I'm disappointed about where I'm going to end up, just the fact that I can no longer to the road trip I wanted to do. I'll have to say goodbye to them even sooner than I anticipated.

Mike and I decided to leave Chicago a few days after the wedding and drive down to North Carolina. We haven't really decided whether to live on base or not but most likely we won't. We'll have to wait and see. I'm excited to move to North Carolina, become a Marine wife, and be able to meet other really great Marine wives but I'm still going to miss my momma terribly. It will be hard but I'll have to get over it eventually. Hopefully she will visit for New Years =)

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