Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30 Day Meme

Day 1: Favorite Song
This one is hard. I never really chose a favorite song, I just have a bunch of them that I listen to. Honestly, I couldn't choose one even if I had to. Although, if I had to choose just one song, it would probably have to be this one:

Yes, I used to be a HUGE Spice Girls fan back in the day and this is the one song that I could always listen to and I feel it applies to my life more now than it did back when I was 10 and I first heard it on their CD.

Day 2: Favorite Movie
This one for me is much easier than my favorite song. The minute I watched this whole movie (when it first came out) I downloaded the soundtrack and bought the movie the moment it came out. If you haven't seen it, I totally recommend it. It's a great movie and of course I love movies that are based off of true stories!

Here is the trailer so you can get a preview of it. =)

Day 3: Favorite TV Show
Oh, I was waiting for this one. I L-O-V-E the Golden Girls. I know that's an 80's show but I fell in love with it when I was in middle school and it's been my favorite ever since. Some people really hate it, others adore it. It's all about taste for this show. I have other shows I really do enjoy but this one I can really watch everyday without getting tired of it. In case you are interested, here is a link to the first episode:

Day 4: Favorite Book
I did a lot of reading while I was away in Spain for months at a time so I was able to catch up on a lot. I borrowed books from friends and my sister and I would usually read about 4-5 books each month I was there. Although, out of all the books I've read, I would have to say that my favorite was the Time Traveler's Wife. It's a GREAT book and it's one of the only books that made me emotional (which is a very difficult thing for me) and now it's a movie so if you haven't seen the movie yet, read the book first and then see it. It's a great read!!

Day 5: Favorite Quote
I actually saw this quote on a coaster at a doctor's office (I know, weird!) and it really spoke to me. I absolutely love it and it's a great thing to live by.

"Words are the voices of the heart."

Day 6: What Tickles My Fancy?
Hmmm, this is tough. I would have to say eating. I know that sounds utterly strange but I absolutely LOVE eating. I'm not really picky with the type of food I'll eat and I'm not really afraid to try something for the first time either. I don't know, I just love eating. Ha, I eat usually about 5-6 times a day (granted, they aren't MASSIVE meals) so as you can see, eating is definitely my fancy. Especially right now! =)

Day 7: A Photo that Makes me Happy
Homecoming from Deployment #1... need I say more?

Day 8: A Photo that Makes me Sad/Angry
July 9th, 2009 - my adopted family and I went to visit my niece Ireiana who passed away only a few moments after she was born. The people from left to right are as follows:
Kevin - JMike - Nana - Jackie - Jennifer - Ruby (Momma)

Day 9: A Photo that I Took
This is a photo I took 3 years ago during the change of seasons in Chicago (Summer to Fall) and it was gorgeous outside. Hope you like it!

Day 10: A Photo of Me Taken Over 10 Years Ago
This is me dressed up for Easter when I was about 3 years old. Have I changed much?

Day 11: A Photo Taken of Me Recently
Here is a picture of me taken with my college roomie and best friend: Rachel. We were made for each other. =)

Day 12: Whatever tickles your fancy
Hmmm... what does tickle it today? The fact that I'm DONE with my job! I'm DONE. I can't begin to tell you how exciting that is for me. That means I can dedicate all my time to this wedding, my friends (spending time with them before I move) and having time for myself to lounge around and do nothing before I become a real adult and have obligations.

Day 13: A Fictional Book
One of my favorite fictional books is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I know a lot of people created such a big uproar about Twilight but I honestly think Harry Potter was better. Now before you start judging my taste in books, I have read all of the Harry Potter books and all of the Twilight books and I just can't help but think that Harry Potter is more original and creative than Twilight. I can go on and on about this but there you go. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is one of my favorite fictional books.
Day 14: A Non-fictional Book
A really good non-fictional book is the Freedom Writers Diary. It's what the movie was based off of and it's a great read. It really makes you think about your struggles and how grateful people should be. =)

Day 15: A Fanfic
I dont even know what that is. So, maybe we should just skip it? I say yes.

Day 16: A Song that Makes you Cry (or nearly)
This is easy since I have a lot of songs that do that. But I think this one gets me everytime.

Day 17: An Art Piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc)
The bombing of Guernica right before World War II painted by Pablo Picasso. It's one of my favorite paintings.

Day 18: Whatever tickles my fancy
I am super excited for the upcoming release of Toy Story 3! I'm really happy they did a re-make and I have always been skeptical about re-makes since they are usually not that great. So, I'm hoping that this one will not be a disappointment. Move over children, I've waited 11 years to see this!

Day 19: A Talent of Mine
I would say a talent is that I can pretty much pick up any musical instrument and learn how to play it on my own without having to take lessons. I taught myself how to play the flute and I'm in the process of teaching myself the violin. It's a great thing to have and I know that being able to play music also increases certain skills in math or something along those lines. Ha ha

Day 20: A Hobby of Mine
One of my hobbies aside from playing music and blogging I guess would be traveling. I absolutely adore it. I don't do it very often right now since I'm low on cash and I have no time. I'm sure Mike and I will take a few short vacations once in a while and I can't wait for that. The top places I really want to go are:
Japan, Australia/New Zealand, South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe!

Day 21: A Recipe
Oh lord, I never cook. And I mean never. The best thing I've ever cooked is something that my family makes back in Spain. I don't really know what it's called but they make fried eggs, chop them up and mix them with rice (and sometimes tomato sauce or bread crumbs too) and I know it sounds strange but it's REALLY good. I've made it for Mr. M and he loved it too.

Day 22: A Website
I honestly adore deviantart.com! They are a great website where you get to display your art to other artists around the world whether it's drawings or photographs everything is excepted! I even have my own site there for my not so great pictures... ha ha!

Day 23: A Youtube Video
If you honestly don't laugh at this at all, there is something wrong...

Day 24: Whatever tickles my fancy
Not really sure what tickles my fancy today. It's nice outside. I can't wait to get out there and start tanning. =)

Day 25: My Day in Great Detail

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