Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday (aka hump day) and I'm SO happy for that. My hell week is half over. I have one more paper to turn in tomorrow, finals next week, and then I'm FREE! Senior week is the week after finals which is SUPER exciting for me. There are going to be parties EVERYDAY on campus for the seniors and different events going on for us the week before graduation. I'm super stoked for it. The senior ball is on that Wednesday and parents night is on Saturday. Unfortunately, my momma can't go because she's going out that night but we will make up for it the week before. =)

I absolutely love that I have 17 followers after only being on here for a short time and I really hope that you are all enjoying my blog. I really enjoy reading comments, it makes me happy that people take the time to read and comment. I'm more than willing to return the favor of "following" and commenting so spread the word about my blog if you wish! I really enjoy meeting new people and reading people's blogs so don't be shy! =)

Well, I'm in class and I must pretend to pay attention so that I don't get in trouble. Hope you are all doing okay!

Much love <3

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