Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Visit

Am I blogging too much? I feel like I blog way too much for people to keep up with me. Hopefully that's not the case, I love hearing from all of you and reading your blogs!

Tomorrow, I get to see my love! I'm super excited. This will be the LAST time we see each other before we are married. Mr. M and I have been doing long distance for just about 4 years now (since he joined the USMC) and I'm so proud of us for getting this far. It's been an uphill battle mostly with going through boot camp, MCT, A & C school (which lasted much longer than it should have) an 8 month deployment, and planning a wedding while hoping and praying they don't send him anywhere that would ruin it. Luckily, the wedding hasn't been affected by the military but I'm sure he will be deploying sometime soon after that. At least that is what he has been telling me but with his knee injury he might not leave. Who knows, the military is unpredictable.

I'm just so excited to spend this week with him. We will be doing a lot of exciting things like going to the senior ball (I know I've mentioned this at least 4598 times but I'm excited!), celebrating his golden birthday (22 years old!), attending my graduation, going to the tasting for the reception hall, doing engagement photos, and finishing up our church requirements. So many things to do in a week! =)

One last thing, once I reach 50 followers, I'll be doing a giveaway so spread the word about my blog! You all know I love meeting new people and I always appreciate the comments you all leave me! Have a great Monday!

Much love <3

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