Sunday, May 16, 2010

Senior Week

Well, I'm utterly exhausted. Pulling two all nighters in a row the last two days of school is not a wise choice but it's something I had to do. Now, I'm paying for it because I'm constantly tired. I need to catch up on my sleep but I just can't sleep knowing that my apartment isn't clean. I can't help it! Call me OCD but if the apartment gets too messy for me, I can't do anything else but spend all my time cleaning it. Hopefully after I'm done, it will look MUCH better!

Senior week starts today. I'm so excited! One week from today I'll be graduating and getting my degree. I'm nervous and excited at the same time and to make things better, Mr. M arrives in TWO DAYS!

How exciting is that!? He's bringing his uniform home so that we can go to the senior ball together on Wednesday and then after graduation we're going to Chicago to get our engagement photos done and get all the rest of the wedding stuff out of the way.

Sorry this is short, but like I said, the apartment is grossing me out the longer I don't do anything about it. Please read my last post to make sure that those of you that got an award received it! Have a great Sunday! =)

Much love <3

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