Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet blog award!

Howdy folks!

I decided to take a mini study break (alright a pretty long study break, ha!) and do some awarding! I received my first blog award(s) and felt SUPER excited! I'm so glad that people enjoy my blog enough to give me an award. Yay for me! I feel kind of special right now so I figured I would pass along that special feeling to some of you!

The rules are simple, just pass it along to 10 other lovely bloggers! =)

1. Nicole at Flip Flops and Combat Boots
7. Amber at Goodnight Moon!
8. Becca at Mrs. G.I Joe
9. Brandi at Excess Baggage
These are some amazing ladies, so please check them out!

Just a tiny update on my part. I have taken already two finals and I have about 3 left and 2 papers left. SUPER excited! Can't wait until Saturday rolls it's beautiful head. I've been reading everyone's posts but I haven't had much chance to comment. I PROMISE once I get a free moment (aside from now since I'm getting back to studying as soon as I post this) I will get the chance to comment on all of your blogs and be the lovely blogger advocate again. =)

Much love <3

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