Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bridal Shower!!! (Long post ahead)

Well, today is my bridal shower!!! I'm super excited!! I can't wait, I'm going to see my MOMMA and my SISTER since they are driving down from Wisconsin and I get to spend time with all my bridesmaids (excluding one since she lives in Kansas). SUPER STOKED!!! The only thing that sucks is that it's thunderstorming! But, I'll live. =) Anyway, I'm participating in two blog questions today so be prepared!!

First, I'll be doing Brandi's Mortality Week Question #2! It can be found here.
Every fear, any advice, what do you want the people who you care about if the end of your time was today?

My wonderful, handsome, loving husband:
My love, I love you with all my heart and soul. You have taught me many things since we have been together for almost 6 years (okay, maybe not almost but close enough) and before I knew you, I thought I could never be loved by someone as much as you love me. You showed me that I could be loved unconditionally by someone like you. You are the best man I could ever imagine to be with and I will always love you. You made my heart feel whole and my soul was always caressed by your love. Your touch always made me feel at ease and your presence always made me feel safe. I loved being with you and doing everything with you from relaxing and watching movies to traveling to Mexico together. Yes, the military has made our lives a little more complicated but guess what? You were so worth it. You were more than worth it. I would give anything to have even five minutes with you and wait another year just so I could see you again. You're worth everything I've ever sacrificed and left behind. Just know that I always will love you and I will always be with you forever.
To my loving adopted family:
You have honestly made the puzzle pieces of my heart complete. You are the family that I have always desired and have always wanted in my life. You saw something in me that other people didn't. You had faith in me and believed in me when others didn't. You were there to hold me up when I was down and show me that I deserved much more than what I had. You took me into your family with open arms and never questioned your love for me. You have accepted me for who I am despite my flaws and I will forever treasure and love that about all of you. Momma, thank you for loving me, taking care of me, and being with me and calling me your daughter. Thank you for trusting in me and always supporting me no matter what. Jennifer, thank you for being my sister. Thank you for loving me and spending time with me and trusting me with everything. I love you so much. Jonathon, thank you for being my brother. Thank you for protecting me when I needed it and going out with me to get my mind off of things. Thanks for talking to me late at night about my problems and helping me through situations. I love the three of you so much it hurts to be away from you. I will always be with you guys and never forget about me because you are irreplaceable in my heart.
To my best friend, Rachel:
I can't even describe in words how much you mean to me. When I first met you, yes, I thought you were a strange character. However there was something about you that just made me want to get to know you and I'm so glad I did. You made the 4 years at Marquette the best of my life. Being roommates with you for two years, going out with friends, hosting parties, among other things have made me grow closer to you. Before I met you, I thought I had found my best friend already and boy, was I mistaken. I guess you had the same situation as me and that's why we became so close. On top of the fact that we really didn't have anyone else to hang out with. It's funny how things panned out. I never knew that I would get so attached to someone from college and I'm lucky I did. You are seriously my best friend. I miss you when we are apart and treasure our time when we are together. You have helped me through so many situations and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm always going to be with you and I'm always going to be there for you no matter what. I love you mucho lovely.
I would write more people but I'm running out of time before I have to get ready! Therefore, I'm going to move on to the next question from Mel and you can find it here.

1. Have you ever seen a tornado, hurricane, funnel cloud in person?
Yes, unfortunately. I'm going to be honest, it scared the shit out of me. Tornado sirens freak me out to no end. So, when a tornado is near, you will find me huddled in a basement, bathroom, or closet.
2. Have you ever lost power? Tell the story.
Yes, quite a few times actually. I would say that the one I remember the most is when the power was out for more than just a few hours and we had to live off of crackers and candlelight. It was in the middle of a hot humid summer in Chicago and a huge thunderstorm (with hail and all) came through and knocked the power out. It went out around 2pm and didn't come back on until the next morning around 10am. So, we had to live off of non-perishable foods since everything in the fridge was probably going to expire. We had to use candles during the night and open the windows to keep circulation in the house. My family from Spain was here so we had 8 people to take care of. So, it was a good time just very HOT.
3a. Have you ever been caught in a storm while driving?
Oh yes, many times. The one I remember with Mr. M was when we were driving to his mother's house and a storm came out of nowhere and downpoured. No only did it downpour, but there was tons of lightening and thunder and a very tiny funnel hit the road right in front of my car. Yeah, that scared the hell out of me. The other time it happened was recently (last week) when I picked up Rachel from the airport and a lightening ray came down right near my car on the highway and made a huge *crack* sound. It was insane.
3b. Have you ever driven to the storm on purpose?
Oh god no. I like to sit outside and watch storms sometimes but I will never purposely drive TO one. Especially if it has the potential to be a tornado.
4. What do you normally do when a storm hits?
Nothing really. I mostly just sit there and watch it happen. If it's really bad and I'm with Mr. M I'll cuddle up next to him and watch a movie or go to sleep. I love thunderstorms so they don't really bother me. It's when they have the tornado possibility that I tend to worry and freak out. If that's the case, then I get to someone's house that has a basement or I go into the lowest level of the house and the most sheltered room. That's usually a bathroom/closet.
5. What is the craziest thing you've done in a storm?
I'm not really sure. Maybe the time it started downpouring and thunderstorming and I was on the swings in the park and just kept swinging despite the storm. I don't know, it just felt good. I'm a strange person, I know but I would say that's the craziest (if not strangest) thing I've done in a storm.

Well, I have to get going otherwise I'm going to be late for my shower! I hope all you ladies had a fabulous weekend and I will post pictures of the shower soon!!

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