Monday, June 14, 2010

Cleaning out my Closet

A lot of people I've been reading about are PCSing soon. I'm also falling under that category except I'm the only one moving! Mr. M is already at his base so I'm just moving down there with him. I'm excited about finally having our own place and he said he's been looking at places for us to live so it's pretty exciting!

Aside from that, I have to start getting my shit together. So, I'm starting the "Cleaning Out My Closet Project" in which I will have to make a decision to either: a) keep it b) throw it out c) take it to NC with me d) donate it

I'm donating most of my clothes to my sister or Mike's two cousins from Mexico and if neither of them want it, I'll be giving it to Good Will (a non profit organization). I've already given my small fridge from college and my old computer to a family friend and my small TV to the priest who is marrying us (since he is also a very close family friend). I have no idea what I'm going to do with all the stuff that is in my room. I know that all the stuffed animals are staying. I just can't bear the idea of getting rid of them. I'm not really sure what my mom is going to do with my stuff so I'll need to talk to her about that first and talk to Mike about what he wants me to take with me (aside from clothes). The best part is that I can leave all my winter stuff HERE. I won't have any need for it in NC or in Florida (I'll explain Florida in a later post).

I should probably eat something before I start this huge project I have. My goal is to get everything packed and ready to move by the end of July so that we can just load the car and leave. I have bins to put everything in so I'm hoping I can fit everything in my car without having to rent one of those U-Haul trailers. Hope you all had a great weekend and much love <3

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