Saturday, June 26, 2010

Question for my Bloggy Friends

Hey ladies!

I need a HUGE favor to ask... which involves an opinion or even a personal experience.

I've been noticing that my fiancée Mr. M, has been doing a lot of going out, drinking, bar hopping, etc with his friends and he doesn't really make much time to talk to me. I know he is a busy guy with work and he works long hours and sometimes naps when he gets home. I usually just let him do that and then wait for his phone call.

I have no problem with that by any means. However, my question to you is this:

Is it normal for guys to act that way before they get married? Is it like "letting it out of their system?"

I'm just concerned because he's drinking on a weekly basis (when he wasn't drinking hardly at all for a long time). I really don't want this to become a part of our marriage even though he says that he's not going to go out with his friends, party, drink etc once we tie the knot. I really want to believe him but I've heard way too many horror stories about bad habits like this carrying over into marriage. So, I'm some-what nervous. Especially since when he drinks, he sometimes can get very mean and say nasty things to me (which he has done on multiple occasions) and I just really need some advice/support. I'm at a loss and I want to trust what he says because after all, I'm marrying him but I want to see if this is a normal ritual for guys or if this is something that he's choosing to do.

I talked to my step-dad about it and he said that some guys go out and spend time with their guy friends a lot more right before they get married because they probably won't do it once they are married. He also said that guys are typically more nervous than women are when they get married.

So, a little advice/support/help from my bloggy friends would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share with me your opinion or experiences because I would love to hear them =)

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