Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Word-abundant Wednesday

Usually people do "word-less wednesday" where they post a picture of something gorgeous, emotional, heart-breaking, etc, and I just can't be wordless today. So many things have been happening in the past couple of days it would be impossible. So, I'm word-abundant instead.

My COMC project will continue today once I get home from my (biological) father's house. We watched the Spain vs. Swiss game and I was utterly disappointed. They played like crap since they had the majority of the possesion AND they had way more opportunities to score than the Swiss but they still couldn't do it. Hopefully when they play Honduras on Monday, things will get better.

I need some prayers for my sister. She was admitted into the hospital for her sickle cell anemia on Monday night. She seems to be in good spirits and she's not in any pain so hopefully she will be out of the hospital within the next couple of days.

My last bridesmaid came to pick up her dress yesterday and she called me after she tried it on and told me that it was ridiculously big. GREAT! We are a month and a half from the wedding and one of my bridesmaids needs some serious alterations. I'm hoping things really start turning around soon for this wedding!

On a happier note, Mr. M found an apartment for us! We just have to fill out the paperwork and wait for approval. I really hope we get approved since this place would be really great for us and it's not far from the base. It's a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath and from what I heard from him is that it's pretty nice. So, cross your fingers, toes, eyes, whatever other appendages you can cross that we get approved! Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday and if your week isn't going so hot just remember it's half way over! =)

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