Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A title? Ha!

I'm not in the creative mind-set to think of a title. I woke up too early this morning to get my oil changed on my car which I'm still waiting for. Right now I'm packing to leave for Milwaukee today and cleaning my room. I can't forget anything or leave anything behind that I plan on bringing.

The ceremony musicians have been giving me such a hard time. It's too late now for me to switch to someone else. I still don't have a song for my processional since they said the song I chose is too complicated for them to learn (go figure...) but luckily one of them sent us a link of a song he wanted to do for the bridesmaid procession and it's gorgeous! I love it. Hopefully he will think of something really great for me. On Monday I wrote my thank you cards (which took way to long for me) and one of my bridesmaids, Allison came over to do favors with us. We actually finished all 160 of them that night. Things are coming together and I'm crossing things off the list now. Most of the music for the reception is chosen now and my wedding dress is being altered. All the tuxes have been done so things are just about finished. Yay for weddings! Almost 3 weeks away!

Mr. M had a 96 this weekend and he put the final deposit on the apartment on Monday. So, he gets to move in on the 13th! The only thing he needs to buy is a mattress to sleep on because I refuse to sleep on a futon. After a month of sleeping on one last year, my back was a disaster. He also wants to bring his sofa from the barracks which I really don't want. He's had that thing FOREVER and it's an ugly green color which would totally not go with what I want to do with the living room. I told him to wait until we bought new furniture but he still wants it. Ugh, I guess I'll have to stare at that ugly sofa for a bit before I get new furniture. Well, I must get going and pack my stuff. Hope you all have a happy hump day! =)

P.S. I'm so close to 50 followers and I want to do a giveaway once I get there so if you get people to follow me you will automatically get an entry! Make sure they tell me who sent them! I'll give you a hint to what it is, it's military related and it's custom made! =)

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