Thursday, August 26, 2010

Decorating? Kind of.

Warning: Some of this contains some slight discomfort and ranting so if you do not wish to read, please don't.

I utterly enjoyed writing my guest post for Mrs. S that was posted yesterday. However, I am a little disappointed that only one of my readers actually went over there and commented. I'm very thankful for those who did comment and in turn followed me. The only thing I'm saying is that I'm a little disappointed.

As I'm waiting for responses for my job applications, I'm decorating the house today. Or at least the best I can with the resources I have. Target had none of the frames that I wanted so I can't do the decorating I had planned. I guess I'll have to order them online or something. I just want this house to look like a home (even though we have only been here for three weeks). Plus, my best friend is flying in on the 8th of September so I have to have this place ready for when she gets here. Our bedroom furniture is supposed to be shipped tomorrow so I'm hoping it is, otherwise, they'll be sleeping on just a mattress, ha ha.

My sister is still in the hospital and she was gradually getting worse yesterday so I'm hoping she's doing better today. If not, I'm considering flying home. So we'll see what happens. I did find a relatively cheap flight so I might just fly home anyway. I just want her to get better.

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