Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Wedding Day: August 1st, 2010

Well folks, the waiting is finally over! I am posting a some-what detailed but not boring post of our wedding day. Some of you have already seen these pictures via facebook but for the rest of you, the suspense has come to an end...

I woke up that morning at around 6:30am. Not being able to sleep due to all the excitement that was about to happen that day. I had gotten my nails done the day before and I had my hair appointment at 9:00 in the morning. I stayed at the hotel with one of my bridesmaids that night so when I woke up, I gathered my things and drove to my house. I managed to fall back asleep for a little while until we had to leave for the hair appointment. We got there on time and my mom and I got our hair done. They put the veil and headpiece in and I already looked gorgeous (not to sound self-centered). I started to get a little emotional after my hair was finished but I didn't let it get to me yet. We left and it was around 10:30. We got home and the flowers had already arrived at the house. They look so pretty. It was becoming more real the more time went on.
My uncle went to the hotel to pick up my bridesmaids and they all arrived at 11am. Most of them had to finish their hair and make-up and I just wandered around and took pictures. My girls did such a really great job since 3 out of the 5 of them did their own hair. I was super impressed!
After my girls got dressed, then I decided to get dressed. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this yet since I haven't gotten the professional ones back yet. I waited until the photographer arrived to get dressed but first, I needed my make-up done. When my adopted family arrived, I immediately rushed my momma upstairs to do my make-up and she did a great job. After my make-up was done, I had my two sisters help me put my dress on. Ha, I even had Jen put my garters on... really high. After I was dressed I went downstairs to start getting pictures done (once all the detail shots were over with).
Once all the pictures were done at home, the photographer left and went to the church to meet up with the guys and we stayed behind and waited for the limo. I was so excited once the limo arrived and I was ready to get the show on the road! I was super stoked about the limo. Unfortunately, we had the WORST limo driver in the entire world (even though nothing could have made my day bad!) since he blew a stop sign and took us to the wrong church. Granted, it was the same address but it was the church that they recently built that we were getting married in, not the old one next to it.
Once we got to the church, we waited in the limo for Mike to be hidden while I made my entrance into the church. We went into a hidden room and stayed there until the time had come to start the ceremony. I was shaking. Not necessarily nervous but anxious, excited, and ready. I couldn't believe this day had come after dreaming about it for years. Everything was perfect. The music, the dresses, the people, the church, the decorations, everything. I couldn't believe my dream was coming to life. As soon as it was my turn to walk down the aisle and I saw my husband's face, I began to tear up and cry. I couldn't hold back my emotions anymore. He looked so handsome in his uniform and I never felt so much in love with him. My parents walked me down the aisle and I was losing it when they were giving me to him (okay, I wasn't bawling my eyes out but I was definitely having trouble speaking since I was trying so hard not to cry).

The ceremony was about an hour long. It actually went by pretty quickly and everything went really smoothly. The ceremony was beautiful and I enjoyed every waking moment. We did very traditional hispanic things such as the lazo (which is a rosary that wraps around the two of us uniting us in God and with each other) and the 13 coins which symbolize Mr. M being able to provide for me and for our family and for me to be tactful with our finances. Lastly, we did the unity candle which I'm sure most of you are familiar with.

Once the traditions were done, we had communion and then we were declared husband and wife. As the priest greatly said it: "With your love and support for this new couple, I now pronounce to this congregation the unity of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meraz!" We were a little clueless since he didn't give us the normal clue of you may now kiss the bride and we just stood there and looked at each other until I looked at the priest and he did the kissing movement with his lips. So then, we knew.
After that, we did pictures in the church and then proceeded out to the limo which was decorated in our colors and we had a vast majority of the people stay behind to blow bubbles at us. It was great having everyone cheer for us.
We all fit in the limo (luckily, we had quite a few tall guys with us!) and then as we were leaving the church, the limo got stuck on the driveway going to the street so we had to all get out and have him get down the driveway and into the street where we loaded up again. We drank two bottles of champagne on the way to the reception and had a great time just partying in the limo. It was awesome. We got to the reception and we went up to the bridal suite. After that, we went downstairs and mingled with people until the doors opened to our pavilion. Around 6:30 they opened the doors and prepared us for our introductions. It was so much fun and not only did our maid of honor and best man give speeches but so did both my parents. My mom did a musical tribute with her entire table singing I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher and my dad did a Godfather speech. No joke.
The cake was gorgeous and the dinner was amazing. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to really eat or eat any cake either. The cake was what I was looking forward to the most too! I was so busy socializing and trying to make sure I got to everyone. I did hear though that the cake was really good and so was the dinner. We cut the cake right before dinner and it looked so pretty. I really didn't want to cut it! We cut too small of a piece to eat at first so we had to cut it again, ha ha. I compromised with Mike about the cake topper. He wanted something funny, so I got it for him!
Now, I'm not gonna lie, our first dance was pretty lame. We had almost no time to practice it so it was fairly impromptu. The song was intentionally short because I didn't want to be dancing like idiots for three minutes. So, it was only a minute and a half, ha ha. After that, the bridal party got to dance and then it was a free for all after that. The reception was so much fun and it was a blast! I wish the day didn't go by so fast because if I could, I could live it all over again! It was the best time of my life and I will forever treasure that day. <3>

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