Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kids screaming!?

This is my alarm every morning when I'm not working. It's very annoying. And it's not like it's one kid, it's TEN. We live right next to a day care and around 9-10am they take the kids outside so they can scream their little hearts out. When you're trying to sleep in, it's slightly irritating.
Yes! That means I did get the job I interviewed for so I work every other day for about 8-9 hours and surprisingly I really like the job even though it might seem really tedious. Time goes by fast and at least I'm socializing with other people instead of sitting at home doing nothing everyday. I work every other day so at least I do get days off in between.

Anywho, that's not the point of this post. I'm slowly realizing that my degree that I got isn't that valuable on it's own. I should have stuck with my double major when I had it but I got a minor instead. Right now, I have a B.A. in Spanish for the Professions and a minor in Political Science. As much as I loathe politics I found political science very interesting. However, Spanish alone isn't enough for me. I don't feel accomplished since it's nearly impossible to find a job. I know if I was in Milwaukee I could get a job as a medical interpreter which is really what I want to do but I think if I get a medical degree as a back-up, that would be a great combo. I know a lot of students at Marquette did that. However, I'm not good with needles (I get poked all the time but I can't seem to be able to poke other people) so maybe not a nurse. I'm not really sure. As long as it's not administrative. I was thinking maybe radiology? That seems like a cool job. So, I'm not sure yet. Any suggestions/advice?

Also, don't forget about my Q&A! I've gotten a few questions but I need more! =) Click here!

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