Sunday, October 24, 2010

101 in 1001 Days

I have seen multiple people do this on their blogs and I think it's a great idea. It will give you something to accomplish in your life and I encourage everyone to do something like this. Some of these I have done already in the past and others I have never done before. So here is my list.

Start date: October 25th, 2010
Finish date: July 23rd, 2013

1. Participate in 5 runs/walks for charities
2. Raise $500 for a charity of my choice
3. Go to church every Sunday for two months
4. Put $5,000 away into savings
5. Ride in a helicopter
6. Complete prerequisite courses for RAD Program (Radiological Technology)
7. Get accepted into RAD Program
8. Graduate from RAD Program
9. Reach 150 followers on blogger
10. Watch 10 movies in Spanish
11. Read 2 books in Spanish
12. Learn 10 new recipes
13. Make a pie from scratch
14. Go to a Chicago Bears football game
15. Go to the gym everyday for a month (excluding weekends)
16. Go one week without logging on to facebook or blogger
17. Pay off all current credit cards
18. Register to donate bone marrow
19. Get another tattoo
20. Get a dog
21. Learn Japanese
22. Visit a friend out of state
23. Go on our honeymoon
24. Get a blog makeover
25. Eat at Hell's Kitchen
26. Take an exercise class
27. Learn how to use Photoshop
28. Photograph my sister for her senior pictures
29. Buy a professional camera
30. Volunteer somewhere
31. Travel to a continent I've never been to
32. Go back to Spain
33. Compete in a Badminton Tournament
34. Have a housewarming party
35. Go to Cedar Point
36. Visit my grandparents' graves and bring them something
37. Write a letter to my husband telling him how much I love him
38. Attend another Marine Corps Ball
39. Buy my first pair of scrubs
40. Get all A's and B's in school
41. Take a road trip
42. Visit 5 museums I've never been to
43. Go on a cruise with my best friend
44. Donate money to my university
45. Donate blood
46. Go on a REAL Spring Break vacation
47. Get a job after graduation
48. Talk to someone I haven't talked to in years
49. Have a penpal
50. Visit a national monument
51. Go to a zoo I've never been to
52. Watch a 3D movie
53. No swearing for one entire day
54. Bake a cake for someone
55. Take a photography class
56. Listen to a band I've never heard of
57. Go to 5 concerts
58. Go to the midnight premiere of a movie
59. Go horseback riding
60. No fast food for a month
61. Attend both of my sister's graduations
62. Take a self-defense class
63. Send flowers to a friend
64. Go an entire day without texting
65. Call my grandmother in Spain every week for 2 months
66. Start recycling
67. Eat at 5 different ethnic restaurants in 2 months
68. Attend a wedding
69. Support/help my husband get his bachelor's degree
70. Become involved in my church (donating time and money)
71. Complete the 365 Day Photo challenge
72. Win a photo contest
73. Make our wedding scrapbook
74. Get a desktop computer
75. Donate $20 to a charity every month for 6 months
76. Create a cleaning routine
77. See a musical on Broadway
78. Celebrate our first year married in style
79. Watch 5 movies that my husband suggests with no complaints
80. Get a paycheck of at least $400
81. Have a movie night once a month for an entire year
82. Patch up my relationship with my dad
83. Find a new hobby
84. Visit Hollywood
85. Watch a movie before I read the book
86. Get my passport renewed/changed
87. Buy an entire month's worth of groceries for under $150
88. Get a season pass for Six Flags
89. Get a scholarship
90. Become involved in school
91. Cook a traditional holiday meal
92. Learn how to use a gun
93. Organize my workspace
94. Send a decorated package
95. Quit my job
96. Drive a waverunner
97. Sell a photo I've taken
98. Spoil someone for their birthday
99. Be a vegetarian for a week
100. Expand my vocabulary by 100 words
101. For everything I do not complete, I will donate $5 into a fund for a family in need or if I do complete everything I will donate $150

You can keep up with my progress here. Every now and then I will post my progress but you can always check on my page. I'm sorry for my lack of posting/commenting. I've been working almost everyday and I've just been trying to make money (save it) and get all my work done before I leave in a month to go home. A better post will come tomorrow =)

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