Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Mondays...

Today is definitely a Monday. Even though today is my only day off from work this entire week, I'm having a real big problem with our cable/internet provider. We have Suddenlink and they are the only provider that our apartment complex allows so we're stuck with them. Unfortunately.

First, they shut off our internet for 3 days because I downloaded copyrighted stuff. Okay, fine. We were on the phone with them for a 1/2 hour trying to get our internet back up and THEN they don't credit us for the time we didn't have internet. Whatever. The internet isn't really my main concern. It's mostly the cable. First, our cable box freezes. One minute it will be working fine and then the next minute, I'm trying to change a channel or browse through the guide and it doesn't move. Naturally, I would turn it off to sort of "reset" it right? Well, it won't do that either. It will just sit there but the TV show will still run as if nothing was wrong. How strange is that! So then, once it un-freezes then the cable box will change channels and then turn itself on and off (depending on how many times I tried to turn it off). Then it started not recording anything. It would say record but then it wouldn't record anything! It started recording the first 1/2 hour of a show and then shut off. Then 10 minutes. Then not at all. To top it all off, now we can't even pause or rewind TV which is the whole point of having a DVR box in the first place.

So, my husband called them and told them our problem. Not only were they super rude and really didn't want us to get a new box, they told us we had to bring in the box ourselves if we wanted it fixed! HOW RIDICULOUS! I have NEVER heard of a cable provider tell their customers to bring in their cable boxes themselves in order to get a new one. Then we would have to hook it up ourselves. How stupid. I thought that's what technicians are for? If we had a choice, we'd immediately switch providers after this. UGH! Super frustrated.

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