Saturday, November 13, 2010

I can't wait to....

...quit my job. I never thought I could hate something so much but I do. I get along with a lot of people there but the job itself is horrible. I work by myself (which I hate, I'm very social so being alone is a big no-no) and I'm in charge of an entire department. I haven't been getting a lot of hours in grocery so about 3 weeks ago I was given the opportunity to work in deli for more hours. I took it and I ended up working more hours in the deli than in grocery to begin with. The job also requires a lot of heavy lifting which (being a woman) I'm not built for.

So today I called in sick because I feel really weak, dehydrated, and my head is pounding. I also feel like I have a cold. Since I work with food, I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if I called off since I don't want to spread germs. I called in and my boss said this:

"I can't deal with this. This is the second time you have called off in three weeks and I need someone more consistent running the frozen department so you will no longer run frozen."

Um, okay? I get kicked out of my department because I called in sick? A part of me feels happy because I don't have to work by myself anymore and deal with the stress of frozen but at the same time, I feel like a failure because I disappointed my boss. My husband tried to make me feel better and told me at least I still have my job which is true. I still work in the deli and at least I'm never alone for very long. However, I don't get many hours in the deli and I need the extra money that I'm not losing because I'm not working in two departments. So, I'm on the job hunt yet again. I was considering doing something like Avon or something. Any advice?

Also, a big thanks to all my guest bloggers! I will need your blog posts by Friday 11/19 so please email them to me! My email address can be found in the contact me area of my blog. If anyone else is interested in guest blogging, please email me your post and I will fit you in!

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