Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monster in law. Be prepared to be amazed.

I've always considered myself lucky to have my mother in law. We get along really well (most of the time) and she's very caring of both me and Mike. She's a very nice woman and will pretty much do anything for us. However, like everyone, she has flaws. BIG flaws.

So, I did a nice thing for her after she started recovering from surgery and created a facebook for her. She wanted one so that she could keep in contact with her family members in Mexico. I did everything for her and added her as a friend. I call her yesterday and tell her I have a cold and just to check up and see how she's doing. She asks me if I'm going to Milwaukee. I'm a little confused since I kept that secret so tight knit and under wraps for 2 months but then I realized that my friend posted on my facebook wall asking when I was going to be home (busted!) and I got so upset that she did that because I thought someone would see it. Well, she did. So, I caved and told her I was leaving for Milwaukee on Friday (aka tomorrow) and that I wanted to spend time with all my friends and family up there.

Oh, for the record she doesn't consider the Brown's my family at all. I'm not sure if she's ignorant or racist but either way, I hate the fact that she tells me they aren't my family. Long story short, I choose who I consider my family not someone else.

Anyway, she got really pissed off automatically accusing me of cheating on Mike (uh what? I haven't even left yet!) and she claims that because I'm staying with the Browns I'm going to cheat on him with my adopted BROTHER. First off, EW. Second, why? Third, shut up. I've been with Mike almost 6 years and never have I ONCE cheated or even desired to. How dare she accuse me of doing such a thing? She's done this once before about a month before we got married. It was horrible. She made such a big deal about NOTHING. It was the same reason too; because I was staying with my adopted family and she thought that I was going to hook up with my adopted brother.
Then she goes and says that I'm going to get wasted and then cheat on him with some random guy and I'll have to pay the consequences and she knows how I act around my friends at school because she stalked my ENTIRE facebook. Photos, status updates, wall posts, everything. The best part about this, is that she refuses to apologize. When Mike called her yesterday, she tried to play dumb and say she didn't even talk to me that day. WHATEVER. As much as I love her, she's deceitful, a liar, and obviously assumes the worst about someone. Oh, and I'm apparently not allowed to hang out with anyone who is single because I'm married...SORRY! I'm still going to stay friends with people who are single. That's just stupid. The ironic thing is, is that she still sees her ex-husband from time to time behind her boyfriends back. She claims that's okay because she's not married. Um, no it's not if you are in a serious relationship with him or if you even care about his feelings! I guess Mike had a firm talk with her yesterday and told her that he was the one who suggested I go to Milwaukee in the first place (which is true) and that I wasn't sneaking behind his back to do it (which would be impossible anyway because we share the same bank account and he would probably wonder why I was spending $200 towards Delta Airlines) and he pretty much told her that it was none of her business anyway what goes on between us and if she wants to be involved in our lives then she can't react that way and expect us to tell her anything. She was also upset that I didn't want to see her since I wasn't going to be that far away. It's simple. She could have easily come and visited us after her surgery (obviously giving her a bit to recover) and spent time with us but she didn't. She makes ZERO effort to see Mike. ZERO. Out of the three years that he has been stationed here, she hasn't once come to visit him. I feel bad for him because I know he's close to her but she fills everyone with empty promises. Mostly towards me and Mike and it's super irritating.

I'm so over it. This is one reason why I didn't want to move back to Chicago because now she will be more on our ass then she is now being states away. I swear, I really don't feel like talking to her but I'm going to call her today anyway and ask for an apology. I feel I deserve one.

What type of stories do you have about mother in laws? Are father in laws just as bad? Share your story so I don't feel like a whiny idiot! =)

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