Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Special Guest Blogger!

To kick off my guest bloggers, I decided to let my husband take stab at it. He's not a writer nor a blogger so please leave him some love!

Hi my name is Mike (Carmen's husband). She asked me to guest blog tonight, and I'm not much of a blogger, hell I have a hard time updating my facebook status.
A little about me is I'm 22, I have been in the Marine Corps for over 4 1/2 years. I am an electrician on the C-130J Aircraft. I run my work center, and may I say I have a blast messing with people all the time.
People are so ridiculous sometimes, I have had pilots ask me why the red strobe light turns white after a while. I used to just laugh at them and tell them please don't stare directly into the high powered LED light, you will start seeing sparks, and your eyes will be in pain. Through out the years I have been exposed to stupid questions, and just plain stupidity.
People have come in telling me the throttles are too stiff, and instead of just signing off the paperwork regularly i would bring in a 90 pound 5 foot 2 female Marine in and have her tell the pilot she didn't have a single problem with the throttle.
People may consider me a jerk, but quite honestly I just find everything humorous. I don't take things too seriously, and when a joke gets pulled on my believe me I join in on the laughter. I love my life a lot, and even when stuff tries to get me down, I don't let it.
I do have a problem of not taking things seriously enough. It actually was written on my last evaluation to become work center supervisor/non-commissioned officer in command. "Cpl Meraz is one of the best techs we have had here in VMGR-252, although he is a smart ass ,and can be disrespectful at times, also unusually easy-going, he understands the duties of his upcoming new position, and realizes it requires a great amount of maturity........." That was just one small line of it, he kept going on and on about how I like to talk shit, and that I'm not uptight and strict like most other supervisors (which is true I don't care about anything other than the actual maintenance going on in the aircraft). At the end though he still put "I completely recommend this Marine to be the work center supervisor/NCOIC." When I signed the recommendation, I couldn't help, but laugh at the fact it had more insults then good.
Well...., that was just a small taste of who I am, and what my life is like. I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you didn't like it jokes on you I wasn't gonna read your blog anyway!

Thank you to my husband to wrote this hilarious guest post! Please don't take anything he says to heart, he means well and it's all in fun. I'm currently home right now enjoying my time with my family and friends. Stay tuned tomorrow for your next guest blogger!

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