Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's too early to be this stressed out...

I got a text this morning from my husband saying that his two closest friends are getting kicked out of the barracks because they are at capacity. They are kicking out all guys that are married but living in the barracks so that means they are getting booted and they have no other place to live. How does that affect me you ask?

Well, Mike is suggesting that they move in with us. I'm not the type of person to really bitch and moan about people coming to live with us but considering that I'm leaving in 3 weeks and Mike and I just got married, I'm still adjusting to being with him. Alone. I don't want to share our apartment with two other guys. Especially since we only have one bathroom. I even have a hard time sharing the bathroom with my husband let alone two other guys. I'm sure most of you know that guys are messy (naturally) so now that doubles my housework. Cooking and cleaning combined. He told me that they agree to pay part of the rent and groceries and I'm sure it will be fun to have them around but we just DON'T HAVE THE SPACE. We only have one extra bedroom and the other guy will have to suffice on the couch.

I'm really not a bitch I promise but I want our apartment to be... our apartment. I don't want to share it with anyone else much less two Marines. I don't mind if people visit or come over once in a while and hang out but this seems like a permanent situation. I'm just not in the happiest mood right now for this. My biggest fear is that our relationship is going to suffer because since he's around his buddies, he'll neglect me or want to be around them. Another thing is that my momma is coming in January for a bit. So now that would be 5 people to one bathroom. That just doesn't work for me. Maybe I'm spoiled for wanting more than one bathroom for 4-5 people but I know how guys are. They are messy. The last thing they will clean is the bathroom and I feel like that's the one room in the house (next to the kitchen) that should be cleaned the most. Maybe I'm OCD about cleanliness but I'm not going to sit my ass on a nasty toilet seat thank you very much. Like I said, my biggest concern is spending alone time with Mike. His friends will be here ALL THE TIME. Our relationship has been rocky since he went on that detachment and I'm worried this will just escalate the problem. Ugh, I'm just at the I don't know what to think right now point.

What would you do? Would you let them move in with you? How would you feel? I need input!

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