Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Take Control

Our Christmas was good. It was very relaxing and I'm so lucky to be able to spend it with my husband. We also had our new roommate spending it with us as well. He was here for a week and now he's back home in Michigan for the birth of his son. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. He's a very clean guy and he's offered to pay for rent and all that plus do some chores. And now that he's gone, we've got our alone time before I leave in a two weeks. So, it all worked out pretty well. Alright, ready for mini vents?

- Begin vent #1-
However, there is one thing that has been bothering me (okay, lately a lot of things have been bothering me as you've read in my posts) but I have known a few people that have had small dogs pass away this year due to bigger dogs either not being harnessed or trained properly. I think it's really ridiculous that little dogs are being bitten, mauled, or even killed by bigger dogs. Do me a favor, if you're going to have bigger dogs either leash them consistently or train them properly. It bugs me to NO end that little dogs are doing nothing to intimidate the bigger dog in order to get bitten. It's ridiculous. It makes me sad that these families are suffering their loss because someone else was negligent.
-End vent #1-

-Begin vent #2-
I swear, I do something nice for someone and I always get the shaft. Always! It never fails. So, I was at work on Christmas Eve (bogus!) and this guy came up to me in bad spirits. We had this conversation:
Me: Are you excited about Christmas?
K: Not really. I hate Christmas.
Me: How could you hate Christmas!? It's such an amazing holiday!
K: I don't usually, just this year.
Me: Why?
K: I don't want to get into it.
Okay, so he took our garbage out of the deli and left for a while. He came back after he clocked out and talked to me about his Christmas dilemma.
K: The only reason why I don't like this Christmas is because I can't afford to buy my kids anything and I have to tell them Santa doesn't exist because there won't be any Christmas presents under the tree.
At this point I felt really bad. I figured this guy was the only one who worked and he just didn't have the money to buy his kids anything. So, I offered to buy each of his kids a present for Christmas. So, everyday after that, he bugged me about the presents. I had been busy with Christmas and getting things ready to move (and of course, I haven't been feeling too hot either) and two of our three cars don't work. So, we are only living off of one car. My husband called me earlier today and told me my car is going to cost us about $500. EFFFFF. Shortly after the phone call, I got a text from K asking me about the presents once again. Now, I can't afford to do it because of my car. Also, I feel like I'm being nagged. I don't like to be nagged if I'm doing something out of the goodness of my heart (without being asked anyway, if you asked me to do something important and I wasn't doing it by all means nag the hell out of me!) so I pretty much told him I couldn't. I know that sounds mean but I just don't want to be nagged when I'm doing something nice. You know?
-End vent #2-

Thank you for listening/reading. I will post something a lot cooler (and not so bothersome) in the next few days!

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