Thursday, December 23, 2010

You give military wives, a bad name

Okay, this has been bothering me for a while but I haven't really had the words to blog about it until now. There is a Marine wife that's married to one of my husband's Sgts (for now, we'll call him G) and she just really makes me disgusted.

So, I don't know how long they have been married for but the last time I saw him before I married Mike, him and his wife were on the rocks and verging on divorce. G's wife cheated on him multiple times (I think? I know it was at least once) while he was deployed and she's just a bitch in general. I've met her before and I talked to her a couple of times but I didn't click with her. I didn't want to. I don't want to associate with someone who calls herself a Marine wife but is far from faithful to her husband. Lucky for her, he won't get rid of her. He's going to stay married to her. She's got a 9 year old son (not his by the way) who he takes care of and cares about but she treats him like crap. She doesn't even call him by his first name. She uses his last name like she was a marine (which she's not) and she's CONSTANTLY flirting with other marines. Especially now because he's deployed again.

For the record, she hates my husband. HATES him. My husband is a nice guy but he doesn't warm up to other people's wives (more specifically marine wives) for a reason. Rumors spread like wildfire in the military; or at least in his unit. The last thing he needs is for someone to think my husband is sleeping with someone else's wife. So, he naturally stays away from them even when I'm not around. Now, she won't even acknowledge his existence or mine for that matter. The thing that really gets me, is how much the other wives like her. All the wives from the unit sit together and talk and have a good time while I sit with my husband and his friends. Then again, I wouldn't catch myself dead with that woman.
I just can't see myself being friends with a wife who cheats on her husband and thinks it's okay. She flirts with all the guys in G's unit and even on Halloween she wore one of the "sexiest" costumes at the shop party. That night she fell asleep ON TOP of one of the marines in the spare room. If I was G, I would be REALLY pissed off. Who does that? I think she's even slept with someone from the unit (who is now out of the USMC) and I just think it's wrong on SO many levels. I'm usually not one to judge people for their lifestyle but if you can't hack the married lifestyle, don't get married.

What do you think? Would you be friends with her? Does she give military wives a bad rap?

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