Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Funday?

As some of you know, I'm a strong Chicago Bears fan. Therefore, I am rooting for the Steelers. I can't wait to see the river of tears in Wisconsin come tomorrow morning.

However! That is not what I'm writing about. I really couldn't care for any team that is playing but since it's so important to my mother, I decided to watch it and participate in the party :)
Speaking of my mother, that is what I'm blogging about today!

She has been trying to lose weight (not really trying but she's been saying she wants to) and the other day she saw a commercial for the Biggest Loser Challenge game for the Wii while we were watching the show. She said she could totally get into the game and work out at home. So yesterday I decided to buy her the game and she jumped right in and set up her profile. She is so excited to work out and participate. She's even going to try and stop smoking! She is really trying to turn her life around by losing weight and eating healthier. The game gives you recipes, workouts that fit your body type, and it actually tracks your personal progress. She's so excited about it.

She's also willing to train with me for my upcoming badminton tournament in April. Yes, you heard me. I'm playing badminton (again) and I haven't played since my senior year of high school. I'm so excited to start again, I want to do well! So she's going to be my trainer and my coach. Perfect right? She's starting everything tomorrow and I can't wait! Sorry, random post but I'm just very proud of her for wanting to change :)

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