Thursday, March 24, 2011

Men = Mess

I swear, I almost have to beg my husband to clean. I know he works long hours and he's tired after work but still. I barely ask him to do any chores around the house and yet he still can't do them. I asked him to do the dishes. He said he would do them and 3 days later they are still sitting there piling up over time.

When he has friends over (since I no longer live with him due to my job back home) the place gets ruined. Sometimes I feel like I can't trust him to take care of our furniture or any of our stuff because it continues to get destroyed. And I don't even have kids! I came here to surprise him and I walked in the apartment and I couldn't believe what I saw (and continue to see since I keep getting surprised by destroyed things or extremely dirty things). There was mail thrown EVERYWHERE on the living room floor, table, sofas, etc. I'm sure 90% of it hasn't even been opened. Then I walk into the bedroom and I literally wanted to throw up. I couldn't even see the bedroom floor. He swears up and down that he cleans every week (which I think is bullshit) and even if he was telling the truth how could THAT MUCH CRAP accumulate after one week!?

I think he's lost all respect for our stuff because nothing has been taken care of. Our dishes don't get cleaned so they get stained and nasty. Our glass is dirty since it hasn't been cleaned. The bathroom is just... I can't even find words to describe it. Let me just say our really expensive white towels are now three different colors. Blue, grey, and red. Awesome. I have never been so angry at my husband in my entire life. He did nothing to take care of our stuff while I was gone. I was gone for two months! Maybe this wouldn't bother some of you but I'm extremely OCD about cleanliness. So, I'm spending today cleaning the entire apartment... on my vacation.

What would you do in my situation? Would you be upset?

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