Saturday, April 2, 2011

BuildASign Review!

I had someone from BuildASign contact me and ask me to write a review for some of their products! I could choose from any of their products and they would send them to me and I would have to then blog and give my honest opinion about them. So, here it is!

I ordered two parking signs which can be found on their parking sign page. The first one I got was a parking sign for me. I got it because I'm a die-hard Marquette basketball fan. I don't really watch professional but I wanted something to show my never-ending support for my college, Marquette. So! Hence, the parking sign for their basketball team. I really like it!

The other parking sign I got was for my mama. She LOVES skulls and crossbones. I really don't know why, they just make her happy. I even got her a skull tattoo for her birthday but anywho, I got her a parking sign to decorate her room and she absolutely loved it! She was so surprised when it appeared in the mail. So, here is hers! She's not a psycho, I promise.

Everything you order you can pretty much customizable and designing is SUPER easy. The way you design is easy and they provide you with all the instructions. Delivery is simple and it's quick! It really didn't take long at all for us to receive our parking signs. I totally recommend visiting their website, their prices are very reasonable and they give free welcome home banners for those coming home from deployment! I think that's pretty awesome! So, go check them out, they are an amazing company! :)

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