Thursday, April 28, 2011

For once, I'm afraid.

With Mike's EAS looming over our heads, it's becoming clear how nervous and afraid we are of being outside the military world. I know he's been super busy with all the paperwork that involves EAS but he hasn't started packing yet. On top of it, I'm in Wisconsin and he's down there in NC. So, he has to pack everything himself. On top of that, TMO is being such a pain in the ass. They are willing to move our stuff without having to pay anything as long as they move it to Chicago. Milwaukee is only 90 miles north of Chicago but hopefully we won't have to pay out the ass to have them move the extra 90 miles.

I'm now beginning to move my stuff out of my mama's house. I signed the lease to our apartment yesterday and so now we officially have a place to live. I will post pictures when I get a chance, I promise! But, I've started moving my stuff out so that she has more room to breathe and isn't drowning in my crap. I also didn't realize that moving could also make you extremely broke. Mike and I have next to nothing and it's stressing me out. We've never had... nothing. We even had to dip into our savings just to survive. Plus, I'm going to be having medical bills now because of my surgery. Awesome. Something else we have to pay for.

However, after all this you know what the scariest part is? I will no longer be a military wife. That special feeling I get from being with one of the few and proud? It's gone (or it will be in a few short weeks) and as excited as I am to have him with me all the time and having us live a normal civilian life, it's scary to me. I will loose all credibility as a military wife. No one will come to me anymore. I will just be a normal civilian wife. My blog will become even more boring than it already is (ha ha!) and it's just... sad. To think I won't be a part of this great community anymore. Blah. I better stop, it's making me sad!

Anywho, I've recovered from surgery pretty well with hardly any hiccups. I'm moving around great and I'm just about back to normal, I just can't really lift heavy things yet. My surgery revealed very little other than some blood spots that they removed. So, I'm back to square one. Now I have to find two more doctors to add to my stockpile already. All specialists. Go me! At least I still have my ovaries and uterus so babies are still a possibility!

Anyway, here is my song to link up with Amber at Goodnight Moon! It's somewhat uplifting and sad at the same time. Perfect for my emotions right now, ha ha. I'm not a big country fan but I do really enjoy this song. :)

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