Sunday, May 15, 2011


I never knew how much those three letters would change me. 5 years ago, my husband joined the Marine Corps at the ripe old age of 18, freshly out of high school. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and had the impression that it would be easy (I was super naive back then) nor did I understand the pride that comes along with being a Marine girlfriend/fiancee/wife (seeing that I was all three during his enlistment). We both have been through so many things in the military.

Duty every month.
Two deployments.
Countless detachments.
Long distance love.
Et cetera.

However, despite all the negatives that are associated with being a military wife, I can do nothing but thank the Marine Corps for making my husband the amazing man he is. He has changed so much since I first saw him graduate boot camp. He has grown into the most wonderful husband I could have ever imagined for myself. The Marine Corps has shaped him in the best way they could and showed him his true potential not only as a Marine, but as a person. He has sacrificed so much for me, his family, the Marines, and our country. I have always been proud of him but I have never felt the amount of pride I felt today when I got that text at 1:30 this afternoon saying:
"I'm home."

He is now home. With me. For good. No more worries (well, you know what kind I'm talking about) and I finally have him with me everyday. It's surreal. The feeling of knowing our time with the Marine Corps is over, feels like such a dream. I can't even believe it. It all feels like I'm in this dream by myself and I'm going to wake up any minute. I know that's mean to say because the Marine Corps has provided us with so much and has made us who we are but we can finally have a normal life. The life I was always witnessing others having as I had to sacrifice. Don't get me wrong, being with him was well worth any sacrifice and I'm forever grateful and proud of having the experience of being a Marine wife. You ladies have been wonderful to me and I intend on offering the best advice possible being now that my title is different.

I am now a veteran wife. OOHRAH!

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