Saturday, June 18, 2011

I need your help. Please?

I know I have been neglecting my blog like hell but I have good reasons. I had intentions of updating and letting you all know what life since EAS has been like but some other things have been going on in my life that require more attention. Someone very near and dear to me told me some very bad news yesterday and I've just been a walking zombie since. She wanted me to keep this a secret (which I will, because I have way too much respect for her) but I didn't know where else to turn since I can't talk to anyone about it. I can't lean on my husband or my friends for emotional support because they don't know about it and they won't know about it until she decides to tell them. So, I'm the only one that knows.

I know I'm keeping you all in the dark but I must until she decides to tell people herself. Just know that she is such an important person in my life (so important, it's hard to picture life without her) and I'm just at a loss of words. So, I just need one thing from my lovely followers and from my amazing friends I have made through blogger.

Prayers. Both me and her need them. I need the emotional strength to be able to deal with this on my own without relying on people since they don't know about this. I need the courage to face this problem if it gets worse. I need prayers for her that she will remain strong throughout this process and that she will conquer it quickly and easily. I need prayers that this will go away and STAY away. That whatever she is taking will take it away and let her live a normal life. I hate begging, but I really have no where else to go.

Please God, let her live. I can't do this without her. I will pray every minute of everyday for her. She needs to live, she deserves it. Please pray for her. She needs it more than me. I love her way too much to have her leave me now. So, please pray for her. I know I left her "identity" a secret this entire time. But just please, just pray for my mother.
Thank you <3

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