Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Beginning Possibly?

Well, things have been hectic on my end! I do apologize for no comments or no blogging. It's been really busy for us over here! However, I do have some kind of good news :)

We think I MIGHT be pregnant. Key word here = might.

My breasts have grown an entire cup size for no real reason and I just overall feel really different. I would be happy whether I was or not. Here's why:

I know that I'm young. I'm going on 24 and I really want to get all the partying and roudy-ness out of my body before I settle down and have kids. Mike and I have talked about kids and we do want them (well, I want 3 or 4 but he'd be happy with just 1) but just not right now. We have a house big enough for just the two of us and don't have the space or money but if I were to be pregnant, I'd be happy anyway. And I have the best support system here at home. My husband, mama, and my sister. Best ever :)

I do have a couple of questions for you experienced mama's out there though! If you could answer them, I would be greatly appreciative :)

1) What was the first indicator that you were preggo? (aside from a test)
2) Did you enjoy being pregnant?
3) What birthing method did you do? Natural? Drugged? In a hospital? At home? Don't worry, I won't discriminate. :)
4) Who did you have with you in the hospital/delivery room?

Please remember, this is a big MAYBE. We don't know either way so please don't congratulate me until it's a yes. I'm secretly hoping I am, but whatever the outcome, it is what it is :)

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