Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Opportunity, yes?

So, if you remember from my last post I was talking about Mike taking this potential job where he would be gone for a few weeks at a time but we wouldn't have to relocate like we thought. We were willing to deal with that for the extra money and a better life for us. So, Mike did his phone interview yesterday on our anniversary so I was hoping for some good news (and some luck) with this.

Well, they asked him for a second interview but he would have to fly to Tulsa, OK to do it for 2 days. Fine, I can handle that. The military taught me well, you know. BUT, here is the kicker. They told him in the interview that he would not be able to travel from Wisconsin. He would have to relocate to somewhere ungodly like North Dakota (no offense if you live there). I'm sorry, but a city girl has no business in the middle of nowhere. I did that already when I was in North Carolina and granted the friends I met there were amazing but there was rarely anything to do (for me anyway) but we were seriously thinking about relocating.

Why? More money is the obvious first reason. It's also a job that Mike really wants so who am I to stop him from doing what he wants? Second, it would give us a chance to make new friends and see a new place. Start over once again.

However, I know there are a lot of drawbacks to this. We would have to MOVE. Ugh, I can't go through that again after we just moved a few months ago. We just got everything situated in our apartment. Plus, we can't get out of our lease until we have been here a year. Also, Mike and I both really enjoy our lives here in Milwaukee. It's a great place to live and it's quite entertaining. Plus our families are all within reach. It's great.

Ugh, so many decisions. We have 5 days to tell them yes or no. My heart sinks everytime I think of leaving but I get excited at the aspect of going somewhere new. What do you think? Would you relocate again?

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