Tuesday, October 18, 2011

*Almost* 6 months post EAS

Okay, I've been seriously lacking with my updates. I realize this and I do apologize blog loves! Things have been kind of hectic since then. First off, for all my new readers... welcome! I have updated my about me page so you can get to know me a little better rather than trying to skim through my blog. It's rather lengthy but it's well worth the read!

So, after almost a month of no call back from the "one prosperous job" that promised him immediate hire, he gave up and started looking for another job since we couldn't last another month without two paychecks. We had spent our entire savings and our checking is almost down to nothing. Luckily we have survived two months with just my checks and we are still afloat. The following week Mike had 4 interviews. The very last one he went on, he was hired on the spot.

You heard me right. Hired on the spot.

They were so impressed with him, he was hired at 1pm and started working as soon as the interview was over. I'm so grateful for that job. Now we will finally be steady again and not have as many financial woes as we do at this moment. It just proves that you can be at a real low and feel like there is no end but then there is that tiny light at the end of the tunnel that gave me a glimmer of hope that we can get through anything. Thank you all for your support during that difficult time for us. It looks like things are going to be looking up within the next couple of weeks.

By the end of this month, my husband will be back in the military again. So starts the training, deployments, blah blah blah. Back to the old grind once again! My husband is still going to continue going to school and getting his degree in electrical engineering so that he can become an officer in the Marines. Exciting stuff! I'm still working at my job and I'll probably be starting school next fall to get my certification in medical interpreting. So everything is starting to fall into place *knocks on wood* but I'm heading to bed for an early night. I will catch up the blogs hopefully tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well! :)

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