Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Ireiana (R.I.P.)

*Note: Please read post below before continuing with this one so that you aren't completely lost*

This past weekend, I drove up to Milwaukee to visit my family since it was Jennifer's daughter's birthday. She would have been one last friday. Long story short, Jennifer had Ireiana last year but she didn't survive after she was born. So, I drove up to be with them when they went to the grave site that evening and it was a nice thing to do with momma's sister and her momma. It was a good family bonding time since I don't get to spend much time with my momma's siblings or mother. It was sad, and I tried really hard not to cry since Jen and Momma were holding up pretty well. I gave Ire a rose for her birthday and put it with the flowers that Momma got her. We all got her balloons and let them go and watched them fly up to heaven. We all miss her so much.

Other than that, we had a BBQ/birthday party for her on Saturday and it was SO much fun! I absolutely love being with my family since they are such wonderful, accepting, and fun people and it's just so relieving to be away from my biological parents (I know that sounds horrible) and to be with people to actually treat me like an adult and love and care for me for who I am. Can you tell I really love them? Well, here are some pictures of my family so that you can put a name with a face. The guy holding the blue cup up is Kevin and the girl next to him in the white tube top is Jennifer (Ire's momma) then the woman in the tan shirt in front of the steps is our lovely momma but unfortunately, JMike and Hannah aren't in this picture and I'm not either. I'll have to find a better picture to upload with them in it.

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