Tuesday, March 13, 2012

9 Month EAS Update

Hey everyone!

I finally got the time to sit down and blog! It's honestly a miracle that I do since I'm so busy with trying to get things together lately. I'll break things down to make it easier to keep track of what is going on. I know a lot of things have been confusing for people since my last few updates with my husband being out of the Marines. He has honestly changed his mind so many times even I have a hard time keeping up with it. 

He seems to be handling EAS better than I thought. It was stressful for the first few months trying to find a job and keep stress levels under control. He has had about 2 jobs since he got out, the last one stuck and he's been there for about 5 months. He seems to like it but is frequently looking for a better paying job. His plan is to start his own business but it's hard to explain exactly what type of business it is. He says it's an armed security business but I'm not really sure. It's supposed to start in September of this year. His back-up plan is enlisting in the Marines again as an officer. He's getting his associates this coming December in electrical engineering but he's trying to go for a bachelors which will be another two years. EAS seems to be going well as of now. No more financial troubles or worries which is always a good thing! I know some of you remember that my husband was in a car accident back in November. His car got totaled and now he has a 2001 BMW (which I told him not to get because it would be a money pit) so now we are back to two cars. Well, three if you count the El Camino that we left in NC with a friend of ours. Mike is dying to go back to NC and so am I since we still have friends there but we are just not sure when yet. Otherwise, that's my husbands plans right now.

House Hunting:
Yes, we are house hunting. Since the housing market is so good right now for buyers we have been looking around quite a bit. However, we don't have the money right now to put a down payment on a house. We are trying to save up right now to fix the clutch for the BMW (see? told you!) which runs to about $2,500. That drains most of our savings account which we were going to use for the down payment on the house. So, we'll see in the next 6 months how things pan out.

People have been asking us left and right if we are going to have kids anytime soon. It's getting slightly annoying. Yes, we plan on having kids but not right now! We were thinking of starting to try around 2014 (or when I'm 27) so not too far away but at least it will give us some time to do things before we settle down. I love kids but I don't want them as of yet.

Within the past couple of weeks my sister Rebi left our job for a new one that would pay more (she and I worked at the same place for about a year) and so they were hiring for new supervisors and I happened to get her job! I was so excited! I'm still in the learning process of it but I'm having a lot of fun. :)

I know I had mentioned before that I wanted to go back to school so I applied to two different schools and  I got in to Alverno college with a full ride! So, starting in the fall I will be going toward my nursing degree. I'm super excited but nervous too! It will be busy but I like busy :)

Sorry this was long but I haven't written anything in a long time and a lot has happened!! I should be updating my blog soon too with a new look once I figure out what I want. It's very nice outside so I'll probably go out and enjoy it. Happy Tuesday!


Nicole said...

Sounds like all great things! Just remember, with a VA loan you don't need a down payment!

Anonymous said...

I hope things continue to go well for ya'll, sounds like you had a rough start! Hubby just started college again too. He's got two years yet til EAS and insists that he won't get out until he has a bachelors degree (which obv will take longer than two years) and I'm so bummed with the reality of another four years in the Marine Corps as a possibility. :/ Meh!