Friday, June 29, 2012

Marine Corps Round 2

So, I need some friendly advice for those of you who are reserve wives. I'm not exactly sure how reserve works (regardless of branch) like how you get benefits, pay, etc. My husband has been strongly considering joining the Marine reserves (for now) until he gets his degree and can become an officer. I've tried looking up information about it but naturally it's pretty vague to find anything about reserve benefits and all that jazz.

Can anyone offer any help or advice or do you know of anyone that can comment or email me about it?

There is a reserve infantry unit here in Milwaukee that he is considering doing. Soon. So I might be doing the military life again very shortly here. Time to bust out the welcome wagon! :)


chambanachik said...

Sky is Reserve (Army)...let me know if I can help answer anything. :)

Trista Laborn said...

Hey! Cute blog! and you can always go on this group here on facebook, You can ask ALL kinds of questions and there are ladies from all over that can help answer your questions: I'm also your newest follower you can follow back at:

Melissa said...

Hey love, sorry for not showing you any love lately but I'm here now to help. My husband is in the Reserves. So your husband would go to drill one weekend a month and 2 weeks a year (usually in the summer). They get paid by how many drills they are doing that weekend. And let me tell you it's not much. Anyways, we have tricare but we have to pay for it monthly since he is a reservist, but once he goes on a deployment the USMC will pay for it because they become activated. Those are a few things I can remember off the top of my head for now. If you need anything let me know.