Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Navy Federal Frustrations

I'm going to try to make this short and sweet instead of angry and long-lasting.

We currently have 2 car loans and hopefully a mortgage through Navy Federal. They have done us really well with the auto loans by giving us the approval right away, low interest rates, the whole thing. They've been great with the auto loans. They didn't take long to go through.

Now, we are applying and awaiting pre-approval for a loan for a mortgage on a house that we are hopefully going to be purchasing in the next month. We called them last weekend (on the15th) and they said it was going to take about 3 days to get the loan approved. Cool! I was stoked since we had an appointment to go view the house on that following Saturday the 21st. I figured that since we would have the pre-approval by then, we could put an offer on the house that same day we saw it. That was the intention anyway. 3 days come and they go and by the time Friday comes along, we still haven't heard anything from them yet. I wasn't getting frustrated yet, but just a little anxious. We call them and they say by Monday at the latest we will have the letter. Okay, I can handle that. That's only 2 days after we see the house. So, we made an appointment with our real-estate agent for Monday evening to sign the papers for the offer since we would have the papers by then.

Well, Monday has come and gone and we still have nothing. We've literally called Navy Fed all day yesterday and today harassing our loan officer about getting us these pre-approval letters. I mean, this is kind of ridiculous. He told us worst case scenario he would give us the papers by Tuesday morning. Uh, that's come and gone too. It's now Tuesday evening and we still have nothing. So, a whole lot of nothing has been going on with our offer towards the house. When my husband called him tonight around 5, he "swore up and down that we would have the papers by tonight" but I'm not holding my breath anymore with this guy. He's told us so many lies and I realize that things come up but holy crap, don't keep getting our hopes up with these things. I'm just paranoid that this house will get sold before we can even make an offer.

Say some prayers, send good thoughts/vibes or whatever you believe works to us for some reassurance and patience because we are desperate!


Sarah Hall said...

I'm sorry everything is so frustrating for you...I'm having the same problems with my Financial Advisor for my secondary schooling :(
Prayers are definitely sent your way!

Newbie Blogger, USMC GF

Rick said...

Hey Carmen! I was looking for other people having problems with Navy Fed and found your blog. I am in the same boat (pardon the pun!). We are a little better off because we got the prequal really quick. Found the house we wanted and put an offer that was accepted! Yay! Our credit is impeccable so we thought the rest would be easy...uh, no. We are 5 days away from our closing date and still haven't been told whether we have been approved. What's worse is that we can NEVER get our loan officer to call us! Never. They have had the appraisal done for 3 days (the only thing we were waiting on) but they won't let me see it or say what was on it! This is a PCS for us so we have to fly to close on the house so I need to make air reservations. Can't until I know if the closing is going to take place and the cost of flights goes up by about $100 a day/person (3 of us). Sorry for the rant but Navy Fed has got to fix this. I will be writing them a looonnnggg letter as soon as this is all finished (good or bad result!). Did you ever get your prequal?