Saturday, July 7, 2012

What do you look for in a house?

I've been evaluating and re-evaluating that question for so long. Mike and I are tired of living in an apartment and want to move out on our own and have a house that I can actually decorate and do something with. I mean, we could essentially paint in the apartment but what is the point of that? I'm not going to rent forever. At least that's not what I want to do. None of these things are essential for me to buy the house, but just some added luxuries that would help me make my decision.
So here are my top 10 things that I look for in a house:

#10: A fenced in yard (or a yard period)
This is such a minor detail but still important enough to be on the list. I intend on having a dog and children at some point and I'd feel much better already having a fence in place so I don't have to worry about it. However, I'd much rather have a wooden fence than a chain link fence. Much harder to get in and out of (you know, for dogs and kids) so they can't escape so easily. If a house doesn't have a fenced in yard, it's not a big deal but it would be nice to have. Hence why it's #10. It would be nice, but not dire.

I must have a fenced in yard!
Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo
#9: Hardwood Floors
I absolutely love hardwood floors. I can't wait to get rid of carpets! No more vacuuming (or at least as often) and wood is easier to clean. Especially for someone like me who is OCD about cleanliness. Plus, I think they are pretty. I know that they are easy to mess up and break but I think they are just so much better to have. If they don't come with the hardwood floors already in place, I could always get them installed. No big but easier if it already had them. 

Clean Hardwood Floors
My favorite color of hardwood. Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo
#8: A deck/patio
I love entertaining and having BBQ's outside. One of the things I look forward to doing when owning a house is having a deck or a patio outside so I can have people over and have parties during the summer. I don't need a wrap around deck or anything super fancy but something that I could work with. Summer time would be a lot more fun with the space a deck/patio provides. 

Decks Stinson beach house.....drool...
Something similar to this but not so big lol you get the idea, right?
Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo
#7: A breakfast bar/decent sized kitchen
This is more for my husband. He loves the idea of a breakfast bar in the kitchen. I really like the idea but for little kids it's not practical. I did have one in my apartment when I was in college and it was amazing to have. I'm sure if we decide to have one/put one in we won't regret it. I really want one but it's not necessary if we don't have one right off the bat. If we don't get one right away, we'll eventually get one anyway lol I want to have a decent sized kitchen too. Can't be crammed like sardines. 

breakfast bar
Breakfast bar that looks super neat (and I love the color of the hardwood!)
Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo
 #6: A full (preferably furnished) basement
If we don't get a furnished basement, it's not a big deal BUT I would love to have a full basement. It would be for extra storage space, more room for entertaining in the winter, and great for the kids to have somewhere to play other than their rooms (although most likely we will just turn the basement into a bar lol) so that's our plan with that. :)

Basement sports bar
Figures, the picture I find of a basement bar, it's a sports bar for the Chicago Cubs. Our hometown!
Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo

#5: A separate dining area
I really need a separate dining area. The apartment we live in now is very scrunched for space when it comes to that. We do have a separate area for a dining table in our apartment but it's not that large and we currently use it for Mike's exercise gear (since we don't have a formal dining table anyway) but I would love to have the space for big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Turnberry  Dining Room modern dining room
Something this modern and elegant isn't really my style but the size would be perfect for our family.
Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo
#4: A nice neighborhood
This is definitely something that we need. Especially in a city setting. The neighborhood we choose to live in has to be within a reasonable driving distance from our jobs and it has to have a relatively low crime rate. Good schools for our future children and a decent amount of places to go have fun. Being around my family is also very important so it has to be somewhat close to them as well. 
City of Milwaukee skyline (partial)
Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo
#3: Two car garage
This is something I definitely want/need. Between the two of us, we have 3 cars (if you don't include his company car) and a two car garage is essential. It's safer than having it on the street and it's hard to break in to. My older sister's car has been broken into multiple times because it's on the street and with a garage, I feel like that would eliminate that problem. Plus, we get harsh winters up here so it would keep the cars at a decent temperature year round. 

Two car garage is a necessity.
Two car garage for sure yo. Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo

#2: Having at least 3 bedrooms of a decent size
We are strongly considering expanding our family within the next couple of years so have more than a 2 bedroom apartment is essential. We will need the space or even when we have guests staying the night, we will have the rooms available for use.

<3 Big bedrooms.
Yes, big bedrooms. Might I add that I love the colors here?
Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo

And finally #1: I must have at least 2 full bathrooms
This to me is the most essential part of choosing a house. I need at least 2 full bathrooms. No offense to my lovely hubby but I can't stand sharing a bathroom with him. It's GROSS. I don't know if all men are like that, but my husband definitely makes a mess in the bathroom. Either that, or he takes a SUPER long time in there. Like, 45 minutes. I don't know if he's messing around on his phone and just doesn't keep track of how much time he's in there for or what but man, when nature calls for me, I've got to get in there! Don't get me wrong, I love him to death but I need at least 2 full baths! :)

Definitely want a bathroom like this one day. A nice open shower and a whirlpool tub. Mmmmm.
Courtesy of Pinterest, not my photo. 

What are things you look/looked for when buying a house? Were any of them on my list? :)


trooppetrie said...

I think I have thought about our dream home for the last 15 years. I do not need fancy but I do need space to cook, space to do school, space to play. With 6 kids i really just need space. I want something I can paint, I want something that i do not have to stress about when we damage. Because with 6 kids it is going to get damaged

Nicole said...

Lol I'm pretty positive you just described my house! However I'd rather more hair is so gross looking on hardwood floor, I'm so sick of sweeping. At least it blends in with carpet!

Ofelia Bertrand said...

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