Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Health Kick

I've been noticing that everyone has been a really big health kick lately. Whether it's dieting, working out, or both. I have to say, I'm proud of everyone who is doing that. As one of the biggest countries in the world, we need to trim ourselves down. Not just to feel better about our appearance but to guarantee a long and healthy life for everyone.

I'm not one to diet or exercise. I eat all kinds of unhealthy things and I rarely ever go to the gym. I was very buff and good looking in high school when I was on the badminton team and I worked out twice a day totaling up to about 4 hours of exercise a day for 5 days in a row. That's a lot of exercise! Unfortunately since high school, I haven't picked up badminton like I had wanted to. I was a member of a badminton club for a while until one of the members told me I wasn't good enough to play with them. That irritated me so I never returned.  I've been thinking about going back and having some people join me. I'm pretty positive even though I only weigh 122 pounds that I'm way out of shape. I get out of breath easily and tire very quickly. I need to start playing again and working out.

Mike and I have been dieting in a way. We always used to buy fast food or buy things from the grocery store that was unhealthy and we would eat it daily. I have contributed to my husband gaining a lot of weight since his EAS date. Granted, he didn't do much to stop himself either. We have been doing healthy meals everyday and Mike has been going back to the gym more often than before. So we are taking a step in the right direction and if we are TTC - yes, it's true! - then we need to make sure we are both healthy so we can have a healthy baby :)

Also, does anyone know of anyone who can re-design my blog? I have used utterly chaotic for the current one I have now but I am on a tight budget so any suggestions would be great :)

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ines said...

I'm just doing the exercising part. As far at the diet, well, I am cutting out fast food and soda. I thought it would be hard but not really. Now, don't get me wrong...every once in a while I will eat some fast food and if I need a hint of sugar I will have a soda. But i'm trying to not depend on them. make sense?
Glad you both are taking a step forward :)