Friday, March 1, 2013

It's been a hot minute!

Well hello blogger and blogging world!

I have finally returned after not posting a damn thing for over half a year. I'll tell you, nothing has been more hectic than my life since I last posted something. It's also been almost 2 years post-EAS. Man, how time flies! I noticed quite a few people don't blog as often anymore so I don't feel AS bad. However, I still feel pretty bad.

The transition from USMC to civilian is no easy task. It's amazing at how many people claim to help veterans find jobs and whatnot but no one will hire them. Mike has gone through only 2 jobs - thankfully - since he got out and the first one was pure misery for him. He hated it, the hours were terrible and the pay was... well... terrible. The job he has now is much better but still not as great as he would want. Considering he has 5 years of experience in the electronics field via the Marine Corps you would think people would jump at the chance to hire him. For us, it didn't work that way. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful he has this job and that we are now able to live comfortably unlike before when he first got out. It does get better. It just takes time and the right job to get you there.

I'm trying to think back about what I was talking about before I went on my hiatus. I know I was blogging about our house and how frustrating it was to get it. Dealing with Navy Federal had to have been one of the most annoying and patient trying thing I have ever done. The underwriters there took an eternity to get it together and then we had to continue sending paperwork to them despite being told we had everything already multiple times. Anywho, that is all in the past now and we now are the proud owners of our house. It has a lot of things I was looking for. We have a nice yard - with a pool, cool extra! - and we ripped up the carpet and put in hardwood floors. We don't have a completely fenced in yard but this summer we will! We have a full finished basement with a bar in it and a decently sized kitchen. I have to say, we really lucked out with our house. We searched many houses in the area and this was the only one we looked at in person and fell in love with it. We have been living here since last September and I'm very happy being here.

Hubby's plan is still to join the Marine Officer Reserves next year (2014) and work full time. He will be graduating with a degree in criminal justice in December this year but I'm not really sure if he is going to continue in the electronics field or if he is going to pursue that instead. It's still somewhat in the air but thanks to his experience in military police - back when he was an active duty marine - so he has gotten a taste of both worlds. I'm going to go back to school and get a teaching certification for Spanish and bilingual teaching. I'm really excited about that. I get paid well and I get tons of vacation time. Holla! I could always use a vacation.

Thanks to everyone who still stayed subscribed to me despite my absence. I plan on getting back into the groove of blogging since things have calmed down and keep you all updated on our fantastic house remodeling projects and future meraz kiddos - coming soon y'all! ugh, that North Carolina stuff has never left me - so please continue reading and I will comment as often as possible!

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<3 Glad to see you back!